Radayeva Music Studio​
1228 Quarry Lane  Suite "A" , Pleasanton, CA
3212 Constitution Drive , Livermore CA

Students have the opportunity to participate in bi-yearly recital
It is our belief that children should begin their musical education as early in their development as possible and that    they improve on those desirable traits that serve them well through the rest of their musical experience.                               

 Winter Recital 2020
​Recital will be held on
January 25th 
February 1st, 2nd

Location: 3212 Constitution Drive
Livermore ,CA  94551

Admission is free and guests are welcome

Many of our students continue to place highly in contests at the
United States Open Music Competition in Oakland, CA. (www.usomc.org) as well as many local and Internatioal Competitions and Festivals.
2004 United States Open Competition
Lucy Zhang - 2nd Place Classical Style 
Grace Chao - 3rd Place Classical Style 
Karen Sung - 4th Place Baroque Style 
2005 United States Open Competition
Karen Sung - 1st Place Romantic Style 
Karen Sung - 2nd Place Classical Style 
Tiffany Kuo - 3rd Place Classical Style 
Tiffany Kuo - 4th Place Baroque Style
2006 United States Open Competition
Aya Keller - 2nd Place Romantic Style
Alison Chen - 3rd Place Romantic Style 
Daniel Gurevich - 4th Place Romantic Style
Tiffany Kuo - 4th Place Baroque Style

2007 United States Open Competition
​Aya Keller 2- st Place Contemporary Style 
Paulina Gurevich - 3rd Place Baroque Style 
Elizabeth Gurevich - 4th PlaceClassical Style 
Aya Keller - 4th Place Romantic Style
2008 United States Open Competition
Ivan Vuong - 1st Place Contemporary Style
Gordon Ye - 3rd Place Baroque Style
Alex Kuang - 4th Place Contemporary Style
Jessica Ouyang 4- th Place Contemporary Style
Claire Suen - 4th Place Contemporary Style
2009 United States Open Competition
Alyssa Chen - 2nd Place Baroque Style
Angela Wang 2- nd Place Classical Style
David Xue - 3rd Place Romantic Style
Alexander Wang - 4th Place Baroque Style
Gordon Ye - 4th Place Baroque Style
2010 United States Open Competition
Franklin Ho - 1st Place Contemporary Style
David Xue 3- rd Place Classical Style
2010 Bay Area Music Association Winter Music Festival
 Alex Kuang Gold Medal Romantic Style
2011 United States Open Competition
Jonathan Ouyang - 3rd Place Contemporary Style
Michelle Chen - 2nd Place Romantic Style
David Xue - 2nd Place Classical Style
David Xue - 2nd Place Baroque Style
2011 Bay Area Music Association Winter Music Festival 
Eric Su Silver Medal
Angela Chen Gold Medal
Michelle AsatrianGold Medal
Veronica Matsoyan Gold Medal
Alisa Matsoyan Gold Medal
Milla Zuniga Gold Medal
Grace Chen Silver Medal
Jaclyn Chen Gold Medal
Jason Huang Best Performance Trophy
Jeff Chen Silver Medal
Grace Huang Silver Medal 
Angela Luo Best Performance Trophy
Jessica Ouyang Best Performance Trophy
Sean Hsu Best Performance Trophy
Melody Song Gold Medal
Caroline Zha Best Performance Trophy
Alexander Suen Silver Medal
Claire Suen Silver Medal
Elizabeth Gurevich Best Performance Trophy
Paulina Gurevich Best Performance Trophy
Daniel Gurevich Best Performance Trophy

2011 Bay Area Music Association Summer Music Festival 
Audrey Chong Best Performance Trophy
 Michelle Chen Best Performance Trophy
Milla Zuniga Best Performance Trophy
Zachary Yeo Silver Medal
Michelle Asatrian Gold Medal

2012 United States Open Competition
Michael Li  - 2nd Place Baroque Style
Michelle Chen -  3rd Place Classical Style
Enya Pan -  2nd Place Romantic Style
Claire Suen -  3rd Place Baroque Style
Chelsea Lee - 4th Place Romantic Style
Justin Lee 3rd - Place Baroque Style
2012 Junior Bach Festival 
Jessica Kuo Selected Performer
2012 M.T.A.C. Fall Competition Palo Alto Branch 
Nadine Poon Gold Medal 
Michael Li Certificate of Excellence
2012 Bay Area Music Association Winter Music Festival 
Alena Zeng Silver Medal
Sarah Tandean Silver Medal
Felix Yan Gold Medal
Andrew Wu Gold Medal
Chloe Reddy Gold Meda  
Andrew Su Best Performance Trophy
Matthew Deinitchenko Best Performance Trophy 
Sana Sinha Best Performance Trophy
2013 United States Open Competition
Justin Lee  - 1st Place Treasury of Romantic Junior
Jessica Kuo  - 2nd Place Sight Reading Senior
Justin Lee  - 2nd Place Treasury of Contemporary Intermediate
Loreli Litney  - 4th Place Treasury Baroque Junior
Savita Pereira  - 4th place Romantic Style
2013 Bay Area Music Legacy Open Competition 
Justin Lee 2nd Place
2013 Golden State Bible College Fine Arts and Athletic Competition 
Hannah Escudero - 2nd Place  Intermediate Piano 
Hannah Escudero 3- rd place  Intermediate Violin
2014 United States Open Competition
Katherine Tan 2nd place Treasure of Contemporary
2014 Russian Music Festival
Karen Pu Certificate of Excellence
Eric Tandean Certificate of Excellence
Katherine Tan Certificate of Excellence
Fiona Wong Certificate of Excellence
2014 Bay Area Music Legacy Open Competition 
Eric Tandean, Kyle Zhou, Katherine Tan finalists
2014 Your Favorite Melodies Festival 
Erika Pettersson gold medal 

2015 United States Open Competition
Justin Lee - 2nd place Treasury of Baroque
Justin Lee - 3rd place Treasury of Classical
Justin Lee - 3rd place Treasury of Romantic
Brendan Tan - 4th place Showcase Piano Solo
Brendan Tan - 4th place Treasury of Romantic
Katherine Tan -4th place Showcase Piano Solo 
Loreli Litney - 4th place Treasury of Romantic

2015 Bay Area Music Legacy Open Competition 
Karen Tan – 2nd Place Intermediate​
Selena Nguyen(violin) - 2nd place Intermediate​
Divya Krishnan (violin) –Finalist
2015 Russian Music Festival
Andrew Su Certificate of Excellence
Julie Pu Certificate of Excellence
Suen Alexander Certificate of Excellence
Zuniga Milla Certificate of Excellence
Felix Yan Certificate of Excellence
Claire Suen Certificate of Excellence
2015 MTAC Annual Convention
Justin Lee
2016 United States Open Competitio
Erika Pettersson - 1st place  level 3 Romantic Style 
Justin Lee- 1st place Advance Contemporary Style 
Lillian Hiraoka - 2nd place Treasury of Romantic Junior 
Reeva Rao - 3rd place Treasury of Romantic Elementary 
Justin Lee - 3rd place Treasury of Classical Senior 
Erika Pettersson -3rd place Treasury of USA Junior 
Lillian Hiraoka - 3rd place Treasury of Baroque  Junior 
Erika Pettersson - 4th place Treasury of Baroque Junior 

2016 MTAC Annual Convention​​​
Alexander Suen, Claire Suen ,Ekaterina Kabenina

2016-17 "Gradus ad Parnassum " Orchestra advanced violin/viola​​​
group students selected to perform- 
Aditya Satish, Lillian Hiraoka , Hanna Escudero,Yulia Malyshkina,
 Rachana Mukkamala,Olivia Zhou  
2017 United States Open Competition
Elliot Kang -2nd place Contemporary ,Senior 
Roman Ramkumar -3rd place Romantic Intermediate
Elliot Kang -3rd place Baroque Intermediate
Roman Ramkumar -3rd place Romantic Intermediate
Jessica Tsai – 3rd place Romantic Intermediate
Alexander Suen -3rd place Open Solo Contemporary  
Christina Tsai – 4th place Open Solo Classical 
Claire Suen – 4th place Romantic Senior

2017 Rabinovich Competition  
Elliot Kang – 1st place Intermediate level

2017"Go for The Gold" Sacramento State University Competition
​Ekaterina Kabenina - 1st Place

2017 Your Favorite Melodies Festival
Sophie Ma, Amber Mo, Zoya Tande, Mihir Thatti 
2017 East Bay Music Competition
Anoushka Tande, Nadine Poon, Divij Muthu, Sohum Tiwary
2018 Baroque Festival MTAC Sacramento Ekaterina Kabenina 
2018 International Music Competition 'Rome' Grand Prize Virtuoso 
Ekaterina Kabenina SECOND PRIZE Winner
2018 VOCE Competition  1st place Ekaterina Kabenina 
2018 Alameda East Piano Competition 
1st Award Megan Fannin
2nd Award Nicole Yan,Pratyusha Katiyar
2018 Sonata competition Contra Costa MTAC 
1st place Alexander Filonov
2nd place Sean Chen
2nd place Evelyn Katz

2018 Baroque Festival competition  ​
1st placeDennis Koshta
1st place Sean Chen
1st place Evelyn Katz
1st place Alexander Filonov
2018 Great Composer Royal Conservatory Competition 
1st place-Emily Livitz- best Bach 
1st place Adam Drextler best Tchaikovsky
3rd place  Dennis Kryzhanovsky best Mozart 
2nd place- Rui Song best Bach
3rd pace Avni Kalur, Sean Chen, Dennis Koshta
2018 East Bay Women’s club scholarship winner- Emily Livitz 
2018 Reward of Excellence -Contra Costa branch MTAC 
2nd place Gregory Schtein 
2018 US Open Competition
Erika Pettersson - the 1st place BAROQUE 
Arvind Swamynathan - the 4th place ROMANTIC
Alexander Suen - 4th place BAROQUE 
Reeva Rao -2nd place Romantic 
Rohan Ramkumar - 3rd place showcase solo
2018 Bay Area Music Association Competition
2nd place Nadine Poon
2nd place Elliot Kang

2019 Great composers competition
Katherine Radian 3rd place
Abigail Lee 1st place
Sonya Chamberlain 3rd place

2019Bach Competition
Jason Wu -First Place.

2019Kabalevsky Competition –
Anna Wu first Place

2019Music of Eastern Europe
 1st prize Alex Liao

2019Music if Austria and Germany
2nd prize Alex Liao

2019Best Mozart Competition
2ndPlace Alexander Filonov

2019Baroque Competition-
2nd place Khushi Kannawadi
1stplace Elliot Kang
1st placeBenjamin Katz
1st placeEva Katz
1st place Dennis Koshta
2nd placeAnna Wu
1st  place Stella Xiu

2019Steinway Competition
finalist Jasmine Khalifa

2019The Art of Instrumental Performance Competition
1st place Anna Wu
2nd place Aiden Mao
3rd place Alexander Suen
 2nd place Adam Drakhler

2019 Sonata Competition Contra Costa Branch
1st place Jasmine Khalifa
2nd place Alex Liao
2nd place Adam Drakhler

2019 US Open Competition
Adisesh Sanklapur 3rd placeTreasury of Romantic

2019 The Music of 20th Century Competition
3rd place Jason Wu
2nd place Daniel Krizanovsky 
The Music of 19th Century Competition
1st place Jason Woo 
3rd place Ethan Lee 
3rd place Uma Raghavan 
The Music of the 18th Century Competition
2nd place Aiden Mao 
The Music of the 17th Century Competition
2nd place Anna Wu 
1st place Eva Katz
The Music of America Competition
1st place Abigal Lee first place
2nd  Benjamin Katz 
Music History presentation
1st place Jason Woo 
2019 Great Composers London Royal Competition
Masters of Piano Sonata
1st place Aiden Mao
2nd place Jason Wu
3rd place Anna Wu  
1st place Alex Liao  
2nd place Christian Xia
The Art of Instrumental Performance
2nd Place Siddharth Raghavan
2nd place Uma Raghavan
3rd  place Kiera Lai
3rd place Stella Xie

2019 MTAC , CCMTAC Sonata Competition
1st place Dylan Kim
1st place Alex Liao
2nd place Anna Wu
2nd place Jason Wu
1st place Evan Ho
2nd place Alexander Filonov
Uma Raghavan Honorable mention
Naomi Spivak Honorable mention
Hanna Berger Honorable mention
Ethan Lee Honorable mention
2020 MTAC Baroque Festival
1st place Anna Wu
1st place Evan Ho
1st place Jasmine Khalifa
1st place Eva Katz
1st place Benjamin Katz
1st place Ruisong Zhu
1st place Alexander Filonov
1st place Siddharth Raghavan
1st place Alex Liao
1st place Khushi Kannawadi
1st place Aiden Mao
2nd place Uma Raghavan
2nd place Liza Brusilovsky
2nd place Dennis Koshta
2nd place Dylan Kim
2nd place Jason Wu
2nd place Stella Xie